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Each dough ball is hand rolled and mixed with imported Belgian pearl sugar 



1.       Smile. You are about to enjoy the best waffle experience money can buy!

2.       Remove your dough balls from the fridge and from all packaging.  Place them in a clean dish or cookie sheet in a warm spot in your kitchen to allow for proper proofing.  A warm oven would also work to proof the dough, provided the temperature does not exceed 110 F.

3.       Allow the dough to rise until doubled in size. The time to achieve this may vary, depending on the temperature of your “warm” spot.  At room temperature, this should be at least one hour.  It’s very important to let the dough proof all the way, or you may end up with doughy waffles!

4.       While it’s proofing, prep some awesome toppings to go with the awesome waffles! 

5.       As your dough finishes proofing, turn your waffle iron on to medium high. Set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit if it has a temperature gauge.   (If your waffle iron is burning the sugar it’s too hot, turn it down).  Use your favorite cooking oil or butter to help the waffles release better. 

6.      Once the dough ball is proofed and ready to be waffled, and your waffle iron is up to temperature, place some waffle balls on the iron and close it. Remember the dough will spread out and expand as it cooks so give it plenty of room on your waffle iron.  Let cook 2-3 minutes until perfectly golden brown (actual cook time may be longer depending on your waffle iron).

7.       Enjoy


·         How long do the dough balls last? They last about 3-4 days in the fridge.

·         How do I store them? Put them in the fridge as soon as you can. We don’t want them to start proofing before you are ready to use them. You can put them in any sealable container or keep in the vacuum sealed bag it came in. 

·         Can I freeze them? Our dough has yeast in it, so freezing may kill the yeast. We recommend freezing for short periods of time; the longer you freeze the dough, the more the taste will be affected!

·         Can you cook them on any waffle maker? Yes! Just make sure to clean it well afterwards.*

·         Is the Gluten Friendly fully Gluten Free if I use my own iron? No, it’s not. Our Gluten Friendly dough always has a chance of cross-contamination because it is made in the same kitchen as our regular dough.


(*Please note that due to the extra sugary goodness, the caramelization process that will occur may require you to thoroughly oil or butter your waffle maker beforehand. The melted sugar will help coat your waffle with a delicious glaze, but we advise, after cooking, to keep your waffle maker on and hot so that the sugar doesn’t harden, and take a dry rag to clean between the grooves. If the melted sugar/caramel is allowed to harden, it will be very difficult to remove!)